Central to both IC-Inspection and NEXUS IC application is the Asset register. Most all information retained in NEXUS IC is linked back to an asset in the asset hierarchy, including inspection data.

In the Asset Tree panel, you can see assets in a hierarchical tree view. Each asset is also assigned an Asset Type.

The Asset Type determines what Asset Information Groups are visible for that asset and also what Event Definitions are allowable for that asset (see Asset Types for more detail on configuring Asset Types).

When you select an asset in the asset tree, it affects other panels. For example, it controls what buttons are enabled in the Event Launcher, what tasks are shown in the Tasks panel, what drawings are shown in the Drawings panel, etc.

The toolbar at the top of the IC-Inspection window has several items relevant to the Asset Tree panel: the Previous Asset button returns you to the asset that was selected before your currently selected asset, and the Previous Asset and Next Asset buttons and menus in general work the same way as back/forward buttons and menus in a web browser. The Assets menu lets you select Asset Views and Traffic Lighting. It also lets you control whether the Asset Type column is visible.