Drawings are essentially Library records where the Library Type has the “Show as Drawings” flag checked.

“Layers” can be added to drawings. These let you use drawings for navigation and data overlay.

Layers are marked up regions on the drawing which can be linked to assets in the asset hierarchy.

For more on adding and editing drawings and layers, see the NEXUS IC documentation.

An extra item available only in IC-Inspection is the Colour ‣ Tasks option. This shows layers on drawings in colours dependent on the tasks remaining on each layers’ asset:

  • red for an asset with tasks, none of which are completed;
  • orange for an asset with tasks, some of which are completed;
  • green for an asset with tasks, all of which are completed;
  • grey for an asset with no tasks.

This is dependent on the workpack selected in Active Inspection.

When you click on a layer, you will get a pop-up menu that lets you navigate to that asset or its child assets that have tasks, or launch tasks on that asset or its children.