IC-Inspector is a tablet application optimised for inspection data collection using an iPad. IC-Inspector communicates with a NEXUS REST server to receive tasks and drawings, and to upload inspection data. It can be used for inspection with no internet connectivity, although it requires connectivity to initially receive tasks and finally send inspection data.

A basic strategy for using IC-Inspector would be:

  • Configure a NEXUS IC database, including Assets, Event Types, Tasks, and optionally Drawings.
  • Assign Tasks to personnel.
  • Configure IC-Inspector with a REST server address, login name and password. The login name should match an inspector who has tasks assigned to them.
  • Synchronise to the REST server to receive your assigned tasks.
  • Use the task list or the drawings to complete tasks by filling in event forms. Take or attach photos as desired. Optionally, create ad hoc tasks to allow you to fill in additional event forms over and above those assigned to you.
  • Synchronise to the server again to send your inspection data to the database.

Tasks in IC-Inspector can be completed in two ways: by tapping on a layer on a Drawing from the list of Drawings, or by tapping on a task in the list of Tasks.

You can download the IC-Inspector iPad app free from the App Store.

Download on the App Store

IC-Inspector for Windows tablet is available. For installation, see Deployment.

The app comes with demo data suitable for touring and learning the app. You can connect it to your actual database via Settings and Sync.