Survey Values

The Survey Values panel displays a list of all defined serial survey fields, the current value and the source of the serial input. Survey fields are defined in the Device Manager, within the device they are being received from. A red status colour shows for survey fields that are not receiving data or are disabled. A green status colour flashes for survey input fields that are receiving data.

Type checking occurs for the values entered in the Value Column. A Value cell gets a red background if the cell contains a value that does not match its survey field type. It gets a green background if the cell’s value matches its survey field type. If IC-Inspection knows that this cell should contain a whole number, a “numeric” (i.e. a number that can have a decimal point), a date, a time, or a date/time, then it can know whether to colour the cell red or green. For example, if it’s a KP and it contains “1-1-2017”, then that’s not valid. For other types (such as text), IC-Inspection doesn’t attempt to show any validation.

Updating the Source for a Survey Field

To change the source of a Survey Field, click on the ellipsis (ellipsis) button in the Source cell adjacent to the survey field and choose the relevant input device from the drop down menu.

If your incoming survey contains a combined Date/Time, you will see a “Derived” option on your separate Date and Time source entries. These take just the Date, and just the Time, respectively, from the combined Date/Time. Similarly if your source has separate Date and Time fields, you will see a “Derived” option on your combined Date/Time field, which combines the separate Date and Time fields into a single value.

Updating the Destination for a Survey Field

You can log data from a survey value into one or more survey fields in the database. Click on the ellipsis button in the Destination cell adjacent to the survey field and tick one or more Survey fields. Now, during an inspection, the data in this survey value will be logged into that survey field.

There are several “meta” destinations available for use when a real survey field is not appropriate: Survey Date/Time, Survey Heading, and Survey KP. You should use Survey Date/Time as the destination for your DateTime field. (There is no field called “Survey - Standard.DateTime”, “Survey - Pipeline.DateTime”, etc. because date/time is the key value for every survey table, and it would be arduous and error-prone to force you to select them all separately.)

You should use Survey Heading if you do not wish to log Heading to a database field, but still want things that rely on Heading (such as the Heading window) to work.

You should use Survey KP if you do not wish to log KP to a database field but still want things that rely on KP (such as the Charts window or the Pipeline View window) to work.