IC-Web is a web-based version of NEXUS IC, running in Chrome, Edge, Safari or Firefox. It aims to replicate the functionality of NEXUS IC in a web browser, using Javascript and REST, with the exception of Configuration, which is available only from NEXUS IC.

It aims to meet two use cases: read-only access for a large number of users, and read/write access for a smaller number of users with an IC-Web read/write license.

To deploy IC-Web your organisation will need an IC-Web license. Contact support@nexusic.com for details. If your NEXUS IC is hosted within Wood infrastructure, IC-Web may be available via Software as a Service (SaaS).

For the most part, user documentation for NEXUS IC applies to IC-Web. There are a variety of differences related to the different implementation challenges in Javascript/REST versus Windows/SQL. Recent changes in NEXUS IC may not yet be reflected in IC-Web, and vice versa.


When using IC-Web v6.8 for the first time after upgrading from IC-Web v6.7 or lower, your local user settings will be automatically deleted for compatibility reasons.


User Interface Elements

  • IC-Web pop-up “windows” are not actual windows, and cannot be moved outside the bounds of the web browser.
  • In the Assets window, the options for adding, editing, and removing assets are limited slightly. There is no option to add a Linked Asset (With Children). There is also no option to edit Asset Type Properties.
  • IC-Web shows version information at top right instead of at bottom right. Other NEXUS IC status bar fields are inapplicable to IC-Web, and are not shown.
  • Some data entry controls, such as date/time pickers, will look and work slightly differently in IC-Web.
  • IC-Web paginates grids across multiple pages when there are a large number of rows. See grid pagination for more information.
  • IC-Web editing grids support exporting to CSV with grouping enabled. Editing grids are any grid that appears after clicking add or edit on a row. In these grids, export to email is not available.
  • IC-Web grids can be sorted by multiple columns at once. See multiple column sorting for more information.
  • IC-Web Inspection can be viewed in two layouts, Default and Alternate. Default view contains the Events Details panel in the middle, while Alternate view contains the Events Details panel on the right. Choose the layout from the ‘Layout’ dropdown menu on the inspection dock.
  • Charts in IC-Web are rendered by a third-party library and will not look identical to charts in NEXUS IC. Charts in IC-Web may be slower to render than in NEXUS IC. IC-Web uses a different set of default colours to NEXUS-IC. To carry over colours from NEXUS-IC to IC-Web you must define a Colour Axis in the chart.
  • Tools > Reset All local Settings will reset local user settings including the currently selected view, selected rows, expanded trees, and open tabs.
  • IC-Web Assets, Library items, Workpacks, Events, and Anomalies can be shared via URL. To generate this URL for sharing, select the row you would like to share on the page meant for viewing - eg. select an Asset on the Asset screen - and click the Get Link toolbar button. On the Assets and Planning screens, this will be a Get Asset Link button, and in the Library this will be a Get Library Link button, and so on for each docking screen. The user of this link will be directed to the row and page you selected.

Technical Differences

  • After 1 hour of inactivity, your IC-Web will disconnect. Also, after 10 minutes (by default) of inactivity over the entire web server, the web server will disconnect. In either case, tap F5 / Refresh to go back to the login prompt.
  • A variety of tabs, panels, pop-ups, etc. will briefly show a “Loading” throbber when selected.
  • A variety of forms (e.g. Asset Information forms) in NEXUS IC allow in-place editing. In IC-Web, you will instead see an Edit button, which will pop up a modal form for you to do the editing in. This is so that when you complete editing, IC-Web can immediately commit your changes to the REST service.
  • In some areas, when creating or editing a new item, IC-Web will implement the changes but the changes will not immediately become visible. A banner proposing a refresh will appear and allow the user to refresh the page via hyperlink.
  • When another user changes data, NEXUS IC will automatically offer to refresh your local copy. IC-Web will not automatically invalidate stale data.
  • Reports in IC-Web can be delivered via email (just as in NEXUS IC) but cannot be generated and launched directly. The up-side is that an IC-Web user does not have to wait for a report to generate before continuing — the IC-Web server will generate and email the report in the background.

Search and Navigation

  • NEXUS IC has a Search box at the top right. IC-Web instead has a Search box above the Asset tree, which searches only Asset names. See Search Differences.
  • Some IC-Web grids are now searchable. Searching is performed slightly different to searching in NEXUS IC. See Grid Search for more information.
  • URL GET parameters can be used to navigate to sections of IC-Web. See Navigating via URL for more information.


  • IC-Web does not support Excel file formatted import sheets. You will need to convert your import file to csv / tsv / txt. If your import includes external files (eg. event multimedia files or Library Items), then you must zip your import sheet and files first. When you choose the zip file, the IC-Web Import Wizard will extract the contents, and confirm the contents with you before proceeding.
  • When attempting to upload a zip file with a filesize larger than 500MB, you will receive a warning that it may fail.
  • Please note that that importing using IC-Web is only available for Wood hosted clients and the logged in user will require an IC-Web Read/Write license to perform imports.

3D drawings

  • 3D drawings are supported via a conversion process.
  • Once you are happy with a 3D CAD drawing (you have set up any desired tags for navigation etc), send it to us.
  • We will convert your CAD file to DAE, a 3D format that works well in web browsers and which is understood by IC-Web.
  • You (or we) can then load that file into your NEXUS Library as a Drawing on the same asset in the same Library Category group as your original CAD drawing.
  • NEXUS IC will list both files in the drawing panel but only the CAD files renders in 3D; DAE is an unsupported drawing format for NEXUS.
  • IC-Web will display the DAE file as a 3D scene.

In 3D drawings in IC-Web, hold left mouse button and drag to rotate, right mouse button and drag to pan, and use mouse wheel or hold middle mouse button and move up/down to zoom.