Active Inspection

The Active Inspection panel displays the active (currently selected) IC-Inspection entities. Once set up, the selections are remembered from session to session, via the logged-in user ID. (If you log out and log in a s a different user, that user may have different settings.) When you view data from any area of IC-Inspection, the data typically relates to the active entities displayed in the Active Inspection panel.

When you enter new data, the data is typically recorded against the active entities displayed in the Active Inspection panel, as appropriate for the particular entity. For example, if you launch an event, the event’s Workpack will be the one selected here, and the event’s Survey Set will be the one selected here (if any).


  • Asset - displays the currently selected asset.
  • Workpack – click the Workpack ellipsis and select a workpack from the list.
  • Survey Set - click the Survey Set ellipsis and select a survey set from the list. If you attempt to start inspections from two different copies of IC-Inspection on the same Survey Set simultaneously, you will receive an error: “Another session is open with the same survey set selected.” Doing this is forbidden because both IC-Inspections would be writing to the same survey set simultaneously, meaning that it would be impossible after the fact to associate events with correct survey data.
  • ROV - clicking the ellipsis on this field will take you to the same picker as the Survey Set ellipsis. ROV is shown here to make it clear to inspectors what ROV their video is being recorded against.
  • Event Template Group - click the Event Template Group ellipsis and select an Event Template Group from the list.


If you have two copies of IC-Inspection open, and both have the same survey set selected, you will see a warning dialog. The risk here is that if two ROVs are simultaneously writing to the same survey set, but those ROVs are at different points in space, the survey set will contain a hard-to-untangle mess of both locations interleaved. In this instance, you need to move (at least) one of the IC-Inspection instances to log to a different survey set. This means that after the fact, in track reposition etc., even two events logged at the exact same time can be given correct survey data, because each is given data from the appropriate survey set. To keep things maximally clear, fill out the ROV value in each survey set you’re using concurrently, so that reviewers can clearly understand what is intended to connect to what.