Event Templates

The Event Templates panel (or One-Click Eventing) displays a list of Events, which, when launched or recorded, are populated with pre-defined values. Various keyboard keys and/or key combinations (F2-F12; shift-, alt- or ctrl- F1-F12, alt- A-Z, ctrl-alt- A-Z, etc.) can be programmed to Launch or Record user defined Events. Event Templates are grouped into Event Template Groups.

Event Templates created here appear in the Event Launcher

The Event Templates panel is divided in three parts: the list of Event Template Groups; the list of Event Templates within the selected group(s); and the form for the selected template(s).

You can add different event template groups for different inspectors (“Alice’s Templates”, “Bob’s Templates”, etc.) or for different inspection types (“Structures Templates”, “Pipeline Templates”, etc.), or for whatever suits your situation.

You can add as many or as few events to each group as you like. You can add multiple events of the same event type. You can fill in as many or as few fields on each event form as you like.

The form for a specific event template shown at the right of the panel is read-only — to edit, double-click the template (or select the template and click Edit). When editing an event template, you can specify the Action you would like to occur when this event template is invoked: launch the event, launch the event and grab a still image from each connected DVR, or launch and instantly save the event. You can also specify the shortcut key: either drop down the Shortcut Key box and choose a function key, or click on the Shortcut Key box to give it focus and then press the desired key combination.

To launch an event template, go to the Event Launcher and click the corresponding button, or press the key or key combination associated with the event template.

Try to place key information near the start of the Event Template name, so it’s easily visible in the Event Launcher button.