IC-Inspection is an on-line Eventing software application optimised for use in the off-shore environment. IC-Inspection is built around a Microsoft SQL Server relational database with events (items of inspection) referenced to positional data and assets. IC-Inspection can be configured to interface with:

  • Survey systems, showing time, date, and ROV position;
  • ROV video inputs, enabling image and video sequence references to events;
  • Digital video recorders;
  • Instruments such as CP Probes, FMD, providing automatic data input of results;
  • Other digital input devices, through customisation of the software to suit the input string.

The IC-Inspection package is teamed with IC-Recorder to provide a digital recording package for real-time based online eventing. Multi-camera, sonar and profiling data can be recorded digitally with positional data displayed by IC-Recorder. NEXUS Integrity Centre (NEXUS IC) is used to configure the database, event definitions and other relationships used within IC-Inspection.

To learn how the grids and toolbar buttons presented in many of IC-Inspection’s panels work, see Common Features.

A basic strategy for using IC-Inspection would be:

A training manual, showing how to use IC-Inspection for offshore eventing and NEXUS IC for offshore review, is available.