The Planning area shows tasks against their asset, in calendar form. Each task is a dot with two colours: an outer ring showing whether the task is complete, and an inner dot, showing the event type of the task. (You can set the colour for each event in Event Types.) If you hover the mouse over a task dot, you will get a hint, detailing the task’s description, workpack, event type, completion status, and any associated anomaly action.

Report Table Sources

To extract task data into a report template, use the System Table titled Task as the primary Table Source. For more information see Report Templates.

The Planning Toolbar

  • Asset Views
    See Asset Views for detailed information on the Asset Views toolbar option.
  • Assets Filter ‣ Show Task Completion
    When checked, each task in the calendar will be outlined with a green (complete) or red (incomplete) circle identifying the completion status of that task.
  • Assets Filter ‣ Schedule Type…
  • Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly, Yearly
    Use these buttons to choose the ‘resolution’ of the grid — if you select Monthly, there will be one column for each calendar month, etc.
  • Reports
    See Reports for information about the Reports toolbar option.