The Reports toolbar button enables you to generate a report template which has been configured in the NEXUS IC database.

Report templates (once configured), are saved into a Report Category. Whilst additional report categories can be configured (see Report Categories), default Report Categories included with a standard NEXUS IC database are:

  1. Anomaly
  2. Archived
  3. Asset
  4. Miscellaneous
  5. Risk
  6. Schedule
  7. Workpack

The dropdown menu on the Reports toolbar will display each of the Report Categories, and a sub menu listing each of the report templates assigned to that category.

There are two special categories: No Category and Favourites. Go to Database ‣ Your Profile to configure what appears in Favourites.

All reports can be exported to RTF, HTML or Microsoft Excel. The formatting of the report depends on the output form selected. For example, Page Break elements do not cause the beginning of a new page in HTML or Excel reports; Excel tables enable Excel’s filtering feature; and so on.

Depending on the layout of the report and filtering options configured in the report, you will be presented with a wizard to generate the report.

Report jobs will be listed in the main_menu.database.job_management_console. Here you can view the progress and history of Import and Report jobs.


By default, you will be required to confirm the output format (File, Email or Shortcut) of the generated document. If you select File as the destination, then either confirm the default path and name of the report, or choose another file location and name for the file. If you choose Email as the destination, then Email account properties need to be set up. The Shortcut format is only available if a suitable shortcut is configured.

For information on configuring report templates, see Report Templates.