The Customise toolbar button enables you to define which columns are shown (or hidden) and how to configure the rows for display in the active grid.

These settings are saved for each user and will be remembered next time that user logs into NEXUS IC.


The settings are saved to a file called Integrity Centre.Settings in C:\Users\[USER_NAME]\AppData\Roaming\NEXUS

  • Customise ‣ Grouping
    Shows and hides the Grouping panel above the grid. When the Grouping panel is visible, column headings can be dragged onto it from the grid. It is also possible to group by multiple columns.
  • Customise ‣ Columns
    Shows and hides columns in the grid. Drag and drop columns headings from the grid into the Customization dialog to hide columns and vice versa to show the columns.
  • Customise ‣ Reset to Default
    Clicking on this menu item will restore the default columns and column sizes back to the original designed state.
  • Customise ‣ Apply Best Fit
    As the name suggests, when clicked the visible columns will be resized to fit best within the grid.