Add / Edit / DeleteΒΆ

Most grids in NEXUS IC have toolbar buttons for Add (add), Edit (edit) and Delete (delete).


If there is insufficient space for some or all of the captions, you will see buttons without captions. If you have read-only permissions on the object in question, you will see a View button instead of an Edit button.


You can use keyboard shortcuts to perform an Add, Edit or Delete action:

  • Add - Insert key.
  • Edit - Enter key.
  • Delete - Delete key.

To use the shortcut keys, ensure that the grid you want to edit has focus. To set focus to a grid, click on a row or empty area inside the grid.

  • add Add
    Add a new item.
  • edit Edit
    Edit the selected item(s) in the grid.
  • delete Delete
    Delete the selected item(s) in the grid.


Most grids support multi-edit, which can be used to bulk edit/delete items (See Multi-Edit for more information).