Unhandled Exceptions

In many places in NEXUS IC, when something goes wrong you’ll receive a polite message explaining the problem. But occasionally you’ll run into an unhandled error. In this circumstance, NEXUS will show you an “Unhandled Exception” message and will attempt to send a crashlog to our bug tracking server. (No personally identifying information is tracked, and nothing about your usage can be tracked back to you.) If you click the Details button, you will see a Windows Explorer window with the .crashlogz file highlighted. This is the same data that is sent to us automatically, but if the computer in question is not connected to the internet, we may ask you to mail us that file.

When you see an “Unhandled Exception” message, it may be helpful to us if you send an email to support@nexusic.com telling us the steps you took that led you to the error dialog. (Some of the time the crashlog alone is enough to tell us exactly where the error lies and how to fix it; sometimes not.) It’s helpful if you do this immediately after you see the error, or if you include enough information for us to figure out which crashlog you are talking about — since the crashlog is anonymised, if you don’t proactively tell us about your problem, we often don’t know who it’s from. Emailing us also lets us reply to you when we’ve fixed the issue so that we can, for example, offer you a new build with the bug removed.