Boolean Types: open/closed, on/off, etc.,
Chart Templates: for display in the software and in reports,
Functions: for use in calculated fields, charts, reports, etc.,
Global Tables: lookup data from one field for display in another,
Lookup Lists: create lists for users to pick from,
Map Servers: configure URLs for custom map servers,
Traffic Lights: for use on the asset tree,
Providers: details for connections to external data sources,
Connections: connections to external data sources,
Shortcuts: sequences of actions that users can activate with a single menu item click.


Asset Information: forms for users to enter data against assets,
Sensors: forms to log periodic data (temperature and pressure once per minute, etc.),


Event Types: forms to log inspection data,

Reports and Dashboards

Templates: templates that users can run to generate reports as Word documents, HTML, or Excel.


Some areas of Configuration are relatively safe to explore. (Although before deleting anything we advise checking for Connections.)

But for Chart Templates, Functions, Connections, Shortcuts, Asset Information, Sensors, Risk Charts, Risk Models, and Event Types: here be dragons, and we advise caution. Before you experiment in these areas, we suggest that you take a database backup.