Unit Groups

Configuration ‣ General ‣ Unit Groups allows you to create, edit and delete unit groups. Unit Groups are a way of quickly switching to different systems of measurement — for example, switching between metric and US weights and measures.

Users can then select their desired units under Database Your Profile.

Databases should by default have two unit groups configured: “Metric” and “US Weights and Measures”. To edit one of these groups, select it and click Edit. On the Units tab, you can change which units are selected for this unit group. Then, when a user views a field of that unit type, if the default unit for that field is not in the currently selected unit group, that field is instead displayed in the closest unit that is in the currently selected unit group. So if a field has an underlying unit of centimetres, and the user has selected the “US Weights and Measures” unit group, that field will instead be displayed in inches.

If you like, you can add extra unit groups: cgs and MKS, Potrzebie, etc.