Configuration ‣ Planning

The various Configuration ‣ Planning menu items allow you to create, edit and delete Cost Codes, Schedule Types, Task Categories, Task Statuses, Workpack Groups and Workpack Revisions.

Cost Codes

Schedules can be given a Cost Code. This can be useful if it ties in with an external CMMS.


Schedules can be given a Type. This is a non-required field, used for grouping, categorising.

Task Categories

Are used to group Tasks. If your database contains different kinds of data, for example some below-water and some above-water data, you might like to create one Task Category for “Above water” and another for “Below water”. Or below water might be separated into “ROV” and “Diver”.

Task Status

Tasks have a Status, for user-defined categorisation. For example, it can contain entries describing why a task could not be completed: item inaccessible, item non-existent, task is a duplicate, etc.

Workpack Groups

Workpacks can be grouped…

Workpack Revisions

…and given a Revision. By default, the grid on the WORKPACKS screen is grouped by Revision.