Risk Charts

Here you can configure risk matrix charts. One chart can be used by several risk models.

Risk charts will be displayed on the Assets screen, on the Risk tab.

When you edit a risk chart, you can change its various properties. “X Axis Granulation” defines how many squares wide the risk chart is; “Y Axis Granulation” sets how many squares tall it is.

Once you’ve chosen a granulation, you’ll want to set Axis Ticks. These are semicolon-separated lists, one for each axis. So if your matrix is 5x5, you might set X Axis Ticks to “A;B;C;D;E” and Y Axis Ticks to “1;2;3;4;5”. Or you could use longer descriptive text like “Negligible;Mild;Moderate;Major;Severe”, or whatever is mandated by your risk model.

Right-click on a square to set its colour. Choose a predefined colour or choose Custom to get a colour picker dialog.

Left-click on a square and you can set a whole number risk value for that square.