If you would like to try IC-Inspector with demo data, tap the Use demo data switch. Note that using demo data will erase any local data currently in the app.

If you are planning to use real data, enter your server name and credentials. The credentials are typically the same as those you enter when you start NEXUS IC. (If you don’t enter any credentials when you start NEXUS IC, you may be using Single Sign-on — enter your Windows domain credentials here instead.) Then tap Test the connection. If all is well, you can tap Save Server Settings. If you change user credentials, the previous user’s data (tasks, events, etc.) will be cleared, and the new user’s data will be loaded from the server. Ensure that the account you use has a IC-Web Read/Write license in NEXUS — if it does not have this, you will not be able to sync your work back to the server. (You will be told “This account has a readonly license.”)

The Remove completed tasks during sync switch controls whether no-longer-available tasks remain on your iPad. (They may be no longer available either because someone has removed them in NEXUS IC, or because you have completed them.)

Workpack display name lets you control how workpack names are displayed in IC-Inspector. This can be useful if you are using many workpacks and have configured Workpack Groups in NEXUS IC, and/or you have configured abbreviations for your workpack names in NEXUS IC.

Display selection wheel for lookup lists controls how IC-Inspector lets you select a value from a lookup list of choices. This is particularly useful when some of your lookup lists may have many choices.

Clear Data will erase data from this iPad.