User Interface Features

Grid Pagination

By default, IC-Web grids use pagination of 100 rows at a time. If a higher number are present in the grid then the rows will be spread across multiple pages. The pagination UI element contains a ‘Previous’ button, ‘Next’ button, and also the first and last page.


The pagination functionality refers to the new type of grid format. Since grid styles are being changed over from the previous format, IC-Web grid pagination will not apply to all grids in IC-Web.


Multiple Column Sorting

Sorting the grid is performed by clicking a column header and toggling between ascending (arrow up) and descending (arrow down). Grids can be sorted by multiple columns by selecting an initial column, followed by holding down the CTRL key and selecting a second column. This will sort the grid by the first column, then sort by the second column.

The grid sorting should persist locally and can be cleared via the customise > reset to default option.