Assets Export

The ASSETS ‣ Custom Export functionality gives the user the ability to choose a subset of assets and associated AIG forms to export to Excel.

The format in which the data is exported to Excel is the same format in which the data can be reimported, see Assets Import for more detail on importing data from Excel.


Use the “Custom Export” wizard to export the operating properties of a Process Stream. Update the operating temperature and pressure in the Excel sheet, then reimport the data using the Assets Import functionality

The Asset Export Wizard

  1. Export Filename - Either use the default folder and filename that NEXUS IC proposes, or use the ellipsis button to navigate to an alternate Windows folder and edit the default filename.
  2. Export Options - Select options here.
    • If you set Columns to User Selected, you will be shown a page later in the wizard to select those columns. If you set it to All Visible Columns, columns that have Visible Grid or Visible Form ticked will be exported. Workflow rules affecting field visibility will not be run.
    • Asset Location can be shown in a Single Column, like “Field / Asset / Elevation / Member / Anode”, or as Multiple Columns, with one tree level per column.
    • You can choose to export or not export Calculated fields and Sub Asset Information.
    • Extra sheets are exported for each Lookup List used in the forms. You can choose to hide these.
    • You can control Formatting for Date and Time. You can also control Cell formatting — if you select this, cells with invalid values will be shown in red, cells not relevant to this asset information group or event form will be greyed out, etc.
  3. Asset Selection - Choose the Asset View and check which subset of assets to include in the export. Note use the Select Children and Unselect Children toolbar buttons to include and exclude the visible and non-visible child assets. Simply checking an asset at the top level will not automatically check all the child assets beneath it.
  4. Asset Information Groups - Check which Asset Information Groups to include in the exported document.


Column order within the exported sheet is determined by the grid column order set within each form in Configuration ‣ Assets ‣ Asset Information.


The exported Excel sheet will contain a Legend tab, which shows the meaning of various cell and row colours.