Task Instructions

You can specify instructions for each event type on each asset type. So you might specify one set of instructions for a GVI on a pressure vessel, and different instructions for a GVI on a piece of piping.

Here you will see listed each event type that is associated with the asset type selected in the top pane. So if in the top half of the screen you’ve selected an asset of type Corrosion Loop, here you’ll see one row for each event type that is associated with the Corrosion Loop asset type.

If you see nothing in the list in the Task Instructions panel, that likely means that there are no event types associated with the asset type of the selected asset. You can change the associations between asset types and event types from Asset Types or Event Types.

To change the instructions for a particular event type on a particular asset type, select an asset of that type, and edit the appropriate row. Enter your desired instructions. There is no limit to the amount of text you can enter. Optionally enter an estimated time for this task. (This will be used to estimate the total duration of workpacks.)

The Task Instructions Toolbar

  • Edit
    Edit the selected task instruction(s).
  • Export ‣ Export
    See Export for information about exporting Library Connections.
  • Customise ‣ Customise
    See Customise for information about customising the Connections grid.