Known Issues

Description Wood Internal Reference

Sorting by the ‘Connected To’ column in the Library grid for grids with more than ~500 rows will take some time to complete. Clicking the Cancel button will not successfully cancel the sort action once it is in progress.

  • Hide the ‘Connected To’ column if possible
  • Do NOT sort by the ‘Connected To’ column unless absolutely necessary.
  • If you must sort by the ‘Connected To’ column, wait patiently for the sort to complete (it may take up to 30 minutes) then take the necessary action and then IMMEDIATELY sort by another column (eg. Name or Doc Ref or Doc Date).

Warning: If you fail to sort by a different column then, when you navigate away from the Library screen or exit the application these sort settings will be saved and you will have to wait for the sort to complete again on next load.

Electronic Corrosion Engineer (ECE) is not supported in the 64-bit version of NEXUS IC. #42062
NEXUS IC, IC-Inspection and IC-Recorder does not fully support the Dark mode color feature setting available in Windows N/A
SVG Grey scale issue: if you view SVG images and you select the Grey Scale option, the image may appear with a solid black background, and thus black portions of the image may be obscured. #8358
3D drawing not displayed: 3D drawings originally drawn with SESAM GeniE jacket and then converted to DWG may not display. This is because our third-party 3D DWG viewer does not cope with these DWG files. (It is possible that these particular files do not adhere to the DWG standard.) #8331
Layer hovering doesn’t work with 2D DWG file: when you hover over a region on a regular drawing (JPG, PDF), the opacity of the region changes slightly. When you hover over a region of a 2D DWG file, the opacity does not change. #7725
3D drawing structure error: some 3D DWG files show minor rendering errors when viewed in NEXUS. Again, this is a limitation of our third-party 3D DWG viewer. #7630